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Traditional Dual Purpose Milking Shorthorns

  • Growthy calves from mother cows that milk!
  • Dual Purpose Milking Shorthorns are noted for maternal instinct, gentle disposition, calving ease, good udders, milking ability, and high weaning weights.
  • The historic selection for these valuable dual purpose traits assures the buyer of dependable performance!
  • The Native-Bred Program: Many Dual Purpose Milking Shorthorns qualify for the "N" designation, identifying them as pure, old line, registered Milking Shorthorns. Research by the AMSS Office can verify the status of any registered animal.
  • Meat and milk in one package! Use a Dual Purpose Milking Shorthorn bull to add milk to your cow herd.
  • Still the most efficient, economical method to increase your weaning weights!
  • Calving ease Milking Shorthorns are ideal for crossbreeding.
  • EPD Program is being developed with Colorado State University


The double registry program works in conjunction with the American Shorthorn Association (ASA). It is for breeders who want to increase the marketability of their Milking Shorthorn cattle.

Any breeder may submit a fee of $50.00 to ASA for the release of information to the AMSS. The breeder must also submit an application for registry to the AMSS registry department. Upon confirmation from the ASA that the fee has been paid, the application for registry will be considered.

If accepted, the animal will be entered into the Appendix Registry withthe letter "S" following the name. The animal is also assigned a five digit number. Any progeny of a registered Milking Shorthorn and an AMSS Appendix registered animal may be entered into the AMSS full Herdbook with the "S" suffix.

If a breeder would like to double register a Milking Shorthorn into the ASA registry a fee of $50.00 must be paid to AMSS for the release of information. The official registration certificate must also be submitted to the AMSS office at the time of transfer.


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