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AMSS Seeks Applications for Executive Secretary Position


We are sorry to inform you that effective March 14, 2014, Cory Salzl will be resigning as Executive Secretary of the AMSS. The Board of Directors would like to thank Cory for his year of hard work and service to the breed. He has done a tremendous job streamlining how the office operates on a daily basis and as a result we are a more efficient and effective organization than we were last year. We wish Cory much success in his future endeavors.

Cory has agreed to continue working until June 30th of information for our members. We feel this time is essential for a smooth transition since he has reorganized several items in the office. Also, he will be able to help us prepare for the upcoming National Meeting in MA.

The American Milking Shorthorn Society is now accepting applications for the full time position of Executive Secretary. Qualified candidates should send resumes to Susan Lee at by April 1st, 2014. Any questions should be directed to President Susan Lee at 208-539-4104.

Job Description
Executive Secretary - American Milking Shorthorn Society

The Executive Secretary of the American Milking Shorthorn Society (AMSS) works in conjunction with the membership and Board of Directors of AMSS to improve, promote and expand the demand for the Milking Shorthorn cow.

Specific duties include but are not limited to:

  • Membership relations: helping members with all issues pertaining to the Milking Shorthorn cow.

  • Enforcement of all policies and procedures of AMSS as found in the By-Laws and Board action.
  • Organization for and preparation of information for Board Meetings and Annual Meetings.
  • Communication with the AMSS Board of activities in the Milking Shorthorn office and breed.
  • Preparation and implementation of annual operating budget in conjunction with AMSS Board and Finance Committee. The Executive Secretary has oversight and responsibility of all accounting activities including annual audit or review of AMSS financial records for reporting to the membership and Board of AMSS. This also includes sending monthly financial reports to the AMSS Board and Finance Committee.
  • Oversight and implementation of registry, performance and breed improvement activities including but not limited to:
    • Membership Registrations, including Native Program, Transfers, Parentage Verification
    • Milk Production
    • Classification
    • Pedigrees
    • All-American Program
    • National Futurity Program
    • Rules and regulations of the above, including enforcement of AMSS Junior By-Laws and Policy
    • AMSS Syndicates
  • National Convention: National Convention Awards and National Show Awards
  • Oversight and implementation of Advertising and Promotion including:
    • The AMSS Journal
    • Advertising in non-Milking Shorthorn publications in the US
    • Advertising in appropriate publications outside of the US
    • Web Page
    • Facebook
  • Attendance at National AMSS Shows
  • Attendance at Dairy Industry Trade Shows
  • USLGE (foreign trade missions)
  • Industry Relations
    • PDCA: including Ethics at NAILE and other Shows as needed
    • NAAB
    • CDCB and its successor organization.
    • American Shorthorn Association
    • International Shorthorn and Illawarra Organizations



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